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  • The popular press and radio talk show hosts frequently mention the words “frivolous law suits”. Nearly all examples of so called frivolous law suits are urban legends. The story about the fellow picking up his lawn mower to trim his hedges and suing the lawn mower manufacturer for losing his fingers is just one of […]

  • All states have financial responsibility laws that require motorists to show evidence of ability to pay for damages arising out of an automobile collision. In Indiana, the evidence of ability to pay is shown through automobile liability insurance which may not be less than $25,000.00. A person who does not show evidence of such insurance […]

  • In Indiana, when an injured person brings a legal action against the party who injured them, unless the party who caused the damages is a governmental employee or entity, the fault of the wrongdoer, and any other party whom the wrongdoer contends was responsible, is compared to that of the plaintiff. At first glance, this […]

  • One issue that can be fatal to any cause of action is the statute of limitations. In Indiana, an action for injury to person, character or personal property must be brought within 2 years of the occurrence of the injury. I.C. § 34-11-2-4 (West). Likewise, an action against physicians, dentists, surgeons, hospitals or sanitariums must […]

  • It should come to no surprise to you if you have trouble finding an attorney to file suit on your behalf against a governmental entity. Under our state’s Tort Claims Act, Indiana’s comparative fault law is inapplicable to lawsuits brought against governmental entities. Instead, contributory negligence acts as a complete bar to any recovery of […]